Our Programs


US-China Partner Program

Intended audience: private junior high schools, vocational high schools, vocational colleges and universities. Learn more

  • Vocational education programs import; help solve employment challenges in China and overseas; some programs may support immigration petitions
  • International training programs import; provide internationally recognized certifications
  • Import international junior high school systems and educators; import outstanding programs to collaborate with private junior high schools in China
Fields of Education:
  • Information Technology
  • Nursing
  • Automotive
  • Culinary
  • Electrician
  • Music/ Film Production
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Landscape Design

Winter/Summer School Program

Intended audience: Vocational junior high schools, vocational universities, junior high school students, families. Learn more

  • International program enrollment, homestay program
  • Visitation to elite institutions

International Volunteer Program

Intended audience: Individual students, student groups, institutions, corporations. Learn more

  • Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Fiji, Germany, France
  • Receive internationally recognized certification
  • Experience cultural diversity; expand personal network
  • Practice verbal English 24/7

US-China Faculty Fellow Program

Intended audience: Faculties. Learn more

  • Visitation to US/China elite junior high schools and universities; build long-term strategic relationships
  • Academic seminars led by education pioneers
  • Build sister school programs

Corporate Fellowship Program and Corporate Visitation Program

Intended audience: Organizations, international corporations and senior professionals. Learn more

  • Tour the largest economy in the world- Unites States of America; meet executive professionals from US and China
  • Experience Nasdaq Bell Ceremonies; visit Wall Street