About Us

Association of Education and Training Schools International (AETSI) was founded in 2017 in Chicago, IL to build a platform for students and educational institutions both in the US and China to exchange tools and resources that are essential to further one’s academic pursuits. AETSI works with elite secondary schools, accredited vocational schools, prestigious colleges and universities to foster a functioning international academic environment.

AETSI specializes in Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education, Education Management and Consulting Services. IPDN China believes that the consciousness of “global citizen” is the key to personal growth and the cornerstone to build a peaceful and prosperous global community.For that reason, each AETSI program is designed to reinforce the awareness of “global citizenship” through readily available, first rate international programs.

With years of experience in the professional training arena and education sphere, IPDN has built a powerful network of highly-acclaimed universities and colleges, as well as world-renown vocational schools. Affiliated members can engage a wide variety of l education based tools and career development resources such as: educational seminars/workshops, cooperative training programs, student exchange programs, summer school and study abroad programs.

Innovation Begins with Education.
Global Education is the Key to Unlock Possibilities and Impossibilities.

Our mission is to encourage future generations to develop a culturally competent, diversity oriented worldview through international education opportunities. Even though great strides have been made, it remains challenging for students to migrate away from their native land to assimilate to a new, disparate culture. AETSI seeks to break down walls to pave the way for a smooth transition toward international education.