Association of Education and Training Schools International

AETSI specializes in Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education,
Education Management and Consulting Services.

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Grants instant brand recognition and growing reputation among Chinese students and educators.


Certified schools are encouraged to develop "resource-sharing" programs with one another.


Contribute to constructing a greater educational ecosystem for students across the world.

Innovation Begins with Education.
Global Education is the Key to Unlock Possibilities and Impossibilities.

Our mission is to encourage future generations to develop a culturally competent, diversity oriented worldview through international education opportunities.


Our Programs

1. US-China Partner Program

Intended audience: private junior high schools, vocational high schools, vocational colleges and universities

2. Winter/Summer School Program

Intended audience: Vocational junior high schools, vocational universities, junior high school students, families

3. International Volunteer Program

Intended audience: Individual students, student groups, institutions, corporations

4. US-China Faculty Fellow Program

Intended audience: Faculties

5. Corporate Fellowship Program and Corporate Visitation Program

Intended audience: Organizations, international corporations and senior professionals

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Membership & Application

AETSI is now offering free membership opportunities for educational entities in the United States who are interested in expanding or launching a program for Chinese students. In order to qualify for entry, each educational institution is required to complete a formal application and schedule an interview with AETSI for the purpose of quality validation. Learn more

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